Glossary of terms






Common terms you will find within your StudentSnoop report

Terms Definitions
Algorithm a procedure or set of rules to help solve a problem, based on following a specified sequence of actions
Comment a statement of opinion in chat rooms, web forums and social media channels – may be positive or negative!
Connections people or organizations you connect with on social media, which may also be called “friends” or “followers”
Handle a username used in chat rooms, web forums and social media channels, e.g., @StudentSnoop
Hashtag any word that has the “#” symbol in front of it, used to find and track topics and keywords on social media channels, e.g. #StudentSnoop
Impressions the number of times web content is displayed to an audience
Influencer a social media user who has the potential to reach a relevant audience and raise awareness of a brand, product, topic or trend
Mentions a social media post mentioning a person or organization by username
Sentiment an attitude, emotion, feeling or opinion delivered in a brand mention on social media
Social reach the number of people who received impressions of a post on any particular social media channel