What’s A Snoop?





What’s A Snoop?





Definition of a Snoop

A snoop is a social listening device for college-bound students. Think of it as an ear to the ground of your chosen school – 24/7. You study, we snoop. You socialize, we snoop. You sleep, we snoop.

We use social listening software to access the very same data schools have access to. Colleges use this data to help develop their alumni, enrollment and marketing strategies. And now you can use the same data to see what is being said online about your college choices too.

We use it to give you honest, real-time feedback on your top college picks.

Not only do you find out what’s being said by your top college prospects on their social platforms, you discover what’s being said about them. This gives you a complete sense of the student experience at the school, letting you identify:

  • How other people feel about the school
  • Who the school’s key social media influencers are
  • All the hot topics and events on campus
  • Media coverage of the school
  • Social engagement levels

Your Package

You get this information in one detailed report, delivered straight to your inbox, with all the information you need to help you make this life-changing decision.


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